Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 Build a bear!

Hello and Happy New Year from Gloria at 2 Scoops of Kindergarten!

We are very excited to ring in the New Year - 2016! 

January is a big month in the classroom too! We are going back to school on Monday and there is always a transition back to getting into our school routines so .... We have a fun activity for you to ease your students into being back at school. BUILD A BEAR!

When we set up for our build a bear day, it is always as exciting for me as the students!  It always amazes me how the children can take so many steps and put it all together to end up with such a detailed and fantastic result!  
Last year we had our students pick the pieces they wanted to build the bear.  After choosing them, stapled them into a packet that the students then used like a coloring book until all the coloring was finished.  As a second part of the lesson, the children then cut out all the pieces and assembled the bears.  Remember that if you color with crayons, use liquid white glue so the parts stay together.  When I have used a glue stick with crayons, there was a tendency for them to fall apart if the crayon was applied heavily.  I also love to use the finished bears as a story starter.  This year we are even going to use them to make an iMovie!  Check out the photos below!  

You can find our  Build a Bear here!
I also have a FREE writing activity to go along with the BUILD A BEAR!
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