Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year...let's get organized!!

Hey, Hey, Hey! Katie from Pop into Primary here wishing you a Happy New Year! Let me tell you all about New Year's Eve! My 2 year old and I were sound asleep on the couch by 9:30 after helping the hubs nail on our new chair rail downstairs. Haha. I hope you had a terrific evening!! 

My biggest classroom goal this year has been to get more organized! Who's with me?! To help myself with this, I decided this summer to tackle my file cabinets. After 9 years of teaching I have collected so many of those manila folders full of junk lessons/activities and when I switched districts two years ago I came into a classroom where the file cabinets already looked like this {without even ONE of my files added}:

As we say in Minnesota....Uffda!

So...I went through my files, recycled TONS of stuff and created binders to store the most useful items. I LOVE how it is turning out. 

{Ongoing process you see!} 

Do you want your file cabinets to look like this too? Download my math binder covers {organized by unit topics} 

or my math common core aligned binder covers .
PS....they come with two sizes of binder spines too! :) 

For three days each set of covers is only $1!!
Enjoy the tail end of your break! 

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