Wednesday, November 11, 2015

You've been...A way of spreading cheer!

I walked into Walmart today to do some after school shopping and replenish my candy jar at school. As I walked in there was a giant, blowup snowman. He was holding a giant red sign. The sign said 43 days until Christmas! Whaaaaaaaat?! Time flies when you are having fun, am I right?

This led me to thinking about all the fun activities that teachers and students get to do during the holidays. I did this thinking as I was picking out my spinach and fruit.

You've been... is a fun way to spread cheer anytime of year! This easy to print activity includes 5 different times of the year and one any time of the year. Included is a "You've Been Mugged", "You've Been Boo'ed", "You've Been Gobbled", "You've Been Socked", "You've Been Pinched", and "You've Been Egged". 

Smelly markers in a cute mug!

Each "You've Been..." has the option of including the entire class or just the teacher, you decide! We have done a few in our school. It is so fun to watch it all unfold. It is even better to walk in your classroom in the morning to find an unexpected 'something fun'. 

This is for a teacher only gift.
Color the sign for them to hang on their door!
Don't be afraid to not spend any money. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones from the heart. A nice note, a handmade card, a few words of wisdom. Teachers love the small things in life!

This is a real-life clean and used husband sock.

I even used my husband's sock to pass along to my colleagues. Inside I put a miniature Diet Sprite and some of my favorite ink pens. I wrapped it with frilly ribbon so the recipient would know it was a gift, not just a dirty sock! On the day I pass out the sock I love being in the teachers lounge secretly listening to what is being said about 'the sock'!

In southern Indiana, the holidays are about giving. Good luck with all of your secret gifts and notes! (Be sneaky, tiptoeing helps!)

Your Two Teacher Friends    

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  1. Love, love, love this! I am in a new building this year and I want to spread some fun holiday cheer. This is perfect!
    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten