Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Homework Reading Log

Looking for a way to keep students accountable for their nightly reading without making it a chore? This resource is for you!

Rather than making nightly reading a dreaded task where parents and students sit by a timer for a set number of minutes, I teach kids to read as much as they are able. During the year we have talks about the work required to become better readers and how the more you practice any skill, the better you become. I encourage students to read for at least 20 minutes each night, but do not require them to tally their minutes and have a parent sign the sheet before turning in.

This download contains two main parts: the reading log and a question choice sheet. On the log, students list the book they read each night (Monday - Thursday) and then choose a response question to show what they've learned from their reading.

There are ten questions for both non-fiction and fiction texts. Students are to challenge themselves to choose a different question each night and answer in complete sentences.

I have included versions. One has smaller print, is two pages long, and can be copied front to back. The second has larger print, is four pages long, and would be two pages copied front to back. There are two sets of each version - one with a graphic and one without.

This resource is available for $1.00 until Thursday, October 8th. Enjoy!

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