Thursday, September 3, 2015

Spice Up Your Fluency with Fry Phrases

Hi friends!  It may only be September 3rd, but I’m already in the throws of getting progress reports out!  Can you believe that??

I’m pretty excited to share a product with you that I created simply because I just LOVED the format of my KABOOM! Fast Facts Practice for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division(once I come up for airit will be added to the bundle!)  If you want to read how EASY PEASY it is to make a cute 2-sided Flash Card, hope over to the blog post from the spring to see you can put THESE together:

So, what did I make THIS time?  Well, I really wanted to pep up the warm-ups for my small groups and RTI with the complete set of Fry Phrases.  I wanted:
--Easy to put together
--Space Saving

You can knock this entire project out in an afternoon, or start with what you need and Make-as-you-go.

Each set of Fry Phrases using the 100 words from that set and clustered in sets of 20 and labeled with “A” pictures for the first set, “B” pictures for the second..and so on through the 6th set!

Inside each set, I created smaller groupings if you want to manage about 20 phrases at a time to master.  So, Set A would have red apples, yellow apples, ant, etc.  OR cluster the whole set!  It will be super-easy to return them to smaller clusters in a snap.

Add a timer, the center recording sheet and BAM!  You’ve got a great fluency center!  Nothing like competing with YOURSELF and charting your progress!

Hope you can use this one, friends!!  
You can grab it for $1 on:
Thursday, September 3rd
Friday, September 4th
Saturday, September 5th

See you next month!!

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