Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Reports for Young Readers and Writers

Well, I’m sure the school year is off and running for all of us by now and that means that we are busy, busy, BUSY!  I’m teaching Transitional Kindergarten this year so I’m off on a new adventure.  Luckily my family is taking up the slack at home.  It's not uncommon for me to walk in the door to dinner on the table- yes, I'm a lucky gal!

Last year I had some fabulous readers in my kindergarten class so I came up with a fun way for them to share about the books they were reading.  BOOK REPORTS!  

These also worked great for the kiddos who were still having books read to them.  I know that I didn't invent book reports, but I did make them easy for Kindergartners and First Graders to complete.

Look at all the Common Core Standards that are covered!

The book reports are for both fiction and non-fiction texts.  Kids can draw pictures or answer with words, whatever works best for them.  These are designed for younger kids, but if you think that your older kids could benefit from them, then by all means, give them a try.  They are only $1, so it’s worth the gamble.  

There is also a sheet for an Author Study and one for Sequencing.  These work great incorporated into your units of study.

And if you are looking for something that’s FREE- look no further!  I have cute labels that I use in my centers to help kids choose an activity.  They can choose to work alone, with a partner, or with a small group and they can tell just by looking at the label on the bin, what kind of activity it is.

These labels have simplified my life.  The classroom runs much more smoothly and the kids function much more independently.  Click here to grab the labels and give them a try.  

Wishing all my fellow teachers out there a great school year.
Happy September! 

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