Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Monthly Writing Stations

Hi Friends! 
Are you looking for a writing station that will keep your kids engaged all year long?! I've got exactly what you are looking for! My kids absolutely LOVE going to the writing station because they get to practice so many different types of writing. I like to change my writing station out every month in order to introduce new vocabulary words and align with seasonal/relative content. 

I print, cut and laminate all of the posters/cards and post them on a bulletin board. I like to display the cards on a ribbon with clothespins for easy access. The kids like that they are able to pull the words off if they need them, and can put them back up themselves. 

This pack includes 30 vocabulary cards that cover Back to School, Apples, and Community Helpers. 

There are also two recipe card posters included along with blank recipe cards for the kids! 
These are always a huge hit with my students! They love coming up with different recipes :) 

My students love using the vocabulary cards to write words on their monthly lists.

The labeling sheet is probably my students' favorite writing activity. They LOVE labeling the pictures and coloring them to make them look real! 

Click any of the pictures to check out my August/September Writing Station in my TPT store. You can click here to see the bundle and my other monthly writing stations! 
Have an awesome week!!

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