Friday, September 11, 2015

Everyone knows you need to be a Super Hero to round!

In 4th grade land it is time to round. We have been working countless hours each week on multiplication review (and they need it!), place value, and now to rounding! We tell our students "Rounding requires super heroes!"....we always get little giggles then.

Like a lot of things in life ~especially in math~ you either get it...or you just don't. This rounding packet has multiple games and activities for students to master this sometimes tough skill all while having fun.

The packet includes cute posters to hang that include the rounding rules. For math groups, we printed the black and white option and had students paste it into their math journal. Students had the options to color it~which they loved!

There are also number line worksheets, 2 different spinning games (one to play by yourself and one to play with a partner), and a Round to the Nearest 10's place War.

Use the number line to round

This packet is great for a review or as an informal assessment. In our classrooms, we taught the lesson, played the games, and used the worksheets as an informal assessment. Students loved the hands-on activities and we loved the learning taking place!

We hope you love this math fun! To find it for $1 the next three days go to .

Happy rounding!!
   Your Two Teacher Friends

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