Monday, August 10, 2015

Self Portrait Templates from KinderIrick

I'm happy to be back blogging again with this great group of AMAZING teachers and I'm so happy to once again offer you an $teal!

Before writing this post I was thinking about what deal I was going to offer you this month and then I thought about what product I use all year long AND what product is one of my best sellers... and then I had it!  The PERFECT product for the start of the school year...

TA DA...


You will LOVE these!

These portrait templates have a million uses!  Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit, but really, once you have these, you will find a ton of things you can do with them!

I use them throughout the year for a variety of different things.  They are a great start as a base for kids to illustrate characters in literature.  They can be used for self-portraits.  Use them for art.  Use them for reading.  Use them for...  anything you can think of.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Since I teach Kindergarten, I like to slide one in a page protector and put it in a center with Play Dough.  The kids use the dough to add features.  (This is great for strengthening their fine motor muscles).

One of my friends teaches 3rd grade and her kids use them to illustrate characters in the stories that they are reading and writing.  

I have seen them used to draw the presidents.  Another teacher used them to draw Martin Luther King, Jr.  

I put them in my art center and the kids drew elves in December, Leprechauns in March, and even the tooth fairy.

My students use them to draw their parents, family members and friends. It gets even the most reluctant illustrator drawing like a pro.

I have some with borders and one plain one.  

They are great for every grade level and they are on sale for the next 3 days.
Once you have these, you will wonder what you did without them!

And that's my deal for the month!

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