Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Do you know what "CloZe" Reading is? $1.00 while it lasts!

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What is "CloZe" Reading?
Cloze Reading is reading closure practice required when readers fill in the blanks left in text. Readers use their knowledge and prior experiences they have. Cloze Reading helps to model problem solving reading strategies. When text is omitted, readers need to use reading strategies and cues in the text to complete sentences. When using this as an instructional strategy, teachers help students focus on: phonics, visual cues, sight words, vocabulary, predicting and cross checks. This type of activity help student's use of language structure cues, meaning cues, and background knowledge to predict unknown words.

I have created 2 volumes of my Primary Cloze Reads intended for students in grade K-3 along with struggling students in grade 4-5. 

Each volume of my products include:
-What is CloZe Reading
-Teaching Points for using this product
-Common Core Anchor Standards 
-10 Short Lexiled Informational Passages that include practicing the skill of CloZe Reading, Comprehension Questions and Vocabulary.
-Graphic organizers to use with any text.

Products are created in black and white for easy printing!

Watch the product video below for all the details:

Click HERE to view product line or on any of the photos below!

There are so many useful options in this product that help increase and assess student's comprehension!

You can grab Primary Cloze Reads Volume 2 for $1.00 for these 3 days:

Day 1: Tuesday, August 25th 
Day 2: Wednesday, August 26th
Day 3: Thursday, August 27th 

You can also grab Primary Cloze Reads Volume 1 for 20% off for these 3 days!

You will also see 2 FREE Samples of this product when you visit my store!

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I hope you all are enjoying the start to a new school year & best wishes!

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