Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Create a Positive Classroom Environment From the Start!

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!  It's Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire and I am so excited to be posting here on Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals today!

Is everyone having so much fun with the Teachers Pay Teachers Love Back to School Sale?!  I know I'm personally pressing submit WAY too much.  That Wish List that was overflowing is now somewhat empty.  YIKES for my wallet, YAY for my students!

Today I'd like to share a back to school resource that I'll be using with my students right from the start!  I LOVE brag tags! They're something that I tried with my first graders mid-year last year and my students fell head over heels for them.  Not only do they encourage positive and kind behavior but they also give student's a real sense of pride.  My littles loved going home to their parents and sharing the brag tags that they earned that day.

This year my students will be earning brag tags right from the first day of school.  I created this new resource, Brag Tags Starter Kit: Back to School Edition to get my students excited and inspired as soon as they walk through the door.  

This Brag Tags Starter Kit has several different tags for the beginning of the school year.

In the packet, you will find two versions of brag tags for:

-The First Day of School
-I Know My Address
-I Can Say My Numbers
-I Can Write My Name
-5 Star Listener
-Quiet Hall Walker
-Happy Hand Raiser

This packet also includes one version of brag tags for:

-I Made New Friends
-I Love School!

Are you new to using brag tags?  I found these fantastic dog tag necklaces at Party City to display my student's tags on.  

You can order them online here for $5.99 per pack of 12.  My bulletin boards are getting a HUGE overhaul this summer, so I'll be sure to add the finished pictures of my Brag Tags board on my blog later on in the summer.

My students are able to wear these brag tag necklaces to assemblies and other special area classes in order to "brag," about their kind and cooperative behaviors.  This sweet face is so excited to show off her hard earned tags!

If you're interested in using brag tags from the start, you can get my Back To School Brag Tags for LESS, YES, LESS than $1.00 during the TpT sale by visiting my store HERE!

If you would like to check out my other brag tags packet, Operation Character Classroom you can click on the image below.  It is also on sale for 28% today and tomorrow!

I hope you all are enjoying your last few weeks of summer and are having a blast with the Teachers Pay Teachers sale!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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