Monday, August 3, 2015

Write The Room… BTS!

Hi everyone! It's Gina from Miss Peluso's Kindergarten, and I am super excited to be sharing my first ever post on Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals! 
For me, this summer has been all about reflecting, refreshing, and revising. One thing that I've been revamping throughout the summer has been one of my and my students' favorite Work on Writing activities… WRITE THE ROOM! Do you write the room? You should!
So what is this ENGAGING and MEANINGFUL activity? Write The Room is a way for students to practice any skill while moving around the room! No more having students sit at their desk and complete worksheet after worksheet. My students are up, moving about, and practicing important skills in a fun way!
My students wander around the room with clipboards when they are working on Write The Room. But, not all of my kiddos are working on the same activity! This is why I LOVE Write The Room- it is ridiculously easy to differentiate for all of my learners! Here's how I do it:
The most basic version of WTR is find and circle. My non-writers can still be successful with this activity, because they can roam the room, find the picture that they are looking for, and circle the word. It may not seem like they are doing much, but they are getting lots of phonics and phonemic awareness practice just from this simple activity!
The next version of WTR is find and write. My emerging readers get lots of reading and writing practice by roaming the room, finding the pictures they need, and recording the word. They are practicing lots of basic reading and writing skills without even knowing it!
What's next for WTR? Find, write, and match! I really like this extension of the last version because it gives an extra level of challenge. My students start out roaming the room, finding the matching number, and recording the word. Then, they find a space in the room to settle down and cut out their pictures. Their last step is to go back, read the words that they wrote, and glue the picture to match!
The most advanced version of WTR is complete the sentence. There are only 5 sentences, so it is important for students to find a word that makes sense because not every word will be used! My above grade level students LOVE doing this version because they can discuss with each other why or why not a word works in the sentence. It fuels some great conversations because sometimes, there is more than one right answer!
All 4 versions of Write The Room are included in each edition. Write The Room: Back to School is special, though, because it includes find and color, a great activity to help teach students the routines and procedures for completing write the room while keeping the activity simple. I like to use this version to have students practice roaming the room quietly, walking, and taking out/putting back clipboards. They don't have to worry about being able to complete the activity, because it's simple enough for everyone!
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