Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back to School: Get to Know Your Students

Hey there, it's Kristen from easy Teaching Tools and I want to share with you how I set up Scoot games and implement them at the beginning of the year.

The beginning of the school year can be a bit scary for kiddos and you, the teacher.  I changed it up last year and wanted to do something different.  Since I knew we'd be doing a lot of different Scoot games throughout the year, what better way to get started than now! Before we begin, I've got a few tips and tricks that will help you implement scoot games in your class with ease!

Easy Scoot Set Up

  • I place the cards around the room, in number order.  Trust me, keeping them in order is best because you will always have a kid so they can't find one.  Easy fix if they're in order!
  • Since this is probably a one day lesson, I just lay them wherever I can  hang them up around the room.  I like to place a few on the whiteboard with magnets and I spread the rest out.  Place them at eye level or a little higher, this will help keep your sanity from kids touching them.

  • To make it easy and independent, students use clipboards to use with their recording sheet.

  • If it's a Scoot game with an answer sheet, I have kiddos go back to their seat and take out a marker.  I put the answer sheet under the doc cam and have them check their work.
I'm all set up, now what?
Since this it most likely the first time your kiddos will be "playing" this game, it's essential to go over your expectations and create a routine.  Otherwise, it will be chaos in your class.  You need to set up routines for before, during, and after the activity.

1. Explain to the class that there will be cards placed around the room.  For this game, students are not to touch or move the cards.  Model what this looks like.

2. Students need to pick up a clipboard, pencil, and recording sheet.

3. This is a silent activity.

4. There are no more than 2 people at each card.  If the card you want is full, go to another card.

5. "If you need help, ask 3, then me."

While students are working, you need to circulate around the room to make sure kiddos are on the right track.  This is the perfect time to redirect and clarify any questions.  If you model it right and set your expectations now, you'll be grateful later, I pinky promise!

6. Have a routine for when students are finished with this activity.  If it's a math scoot game, I say, "When you are finished, leave this on your desk and choose a math center.  We will be grading these in 20 minutes."  Letting students know your expectations will eliminate any confusion.

Now that you now how to set up a Scoot Game and implement, why not try out a fun Scoot to get to know your kiddos a little better?  It's a simple one for your first time around and one your kiddos will be sure to love!  Use the code BTS15 today to get it for around a buck!
I'd love for you to join me over at Easy Teaching Tools!

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