Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Let's Get Organized for Back to School!

Hi friends! 
Kelly here from Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten. Today is my first official post on this blog, and I am so glad to be joining this amazing team of bloggers!! 

My school year is starting in only a few days (we go back super early!!) As I was sitting in my faculty meeting today, my head was spinning in a million directions... Can anyone relate!? I also started grad school, so staying organized is going to be super important for me if I wanna get through this school year!

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite (EASY) & simple ways to stay organized during the school year: 

These are my "Let's Get Organized" planning pages! I like to print them out, laminate them, and stick them on clipboards. Then, each week, I write on them with a dry erase marker to help myself stay organized for the week. I keep these clipboards right by my desk so that I can see them at anytime. 

These pages are included in my "Let's Get Organized" Planning Pages Pack!! And good news, all of these pages are EDITABLE!! Here's some of the other pages that are included in the pack: 

Want to try these pages in your own classroom!?? This pack will be ONSALE in my store for just $1 for the next 3 days!! Click on the picture below to check it out in my TPT store. :) 

Thanks for stopping by today, friends! I will see you again soon for another post and dollar deal! Hope you all have a great beginning of the school year! 

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