Monday, August 31, 2015

Back To School, Collecting Names

Hello Everyone!  It's me, Hilary from Primary Planet (the blog formerly known as Second Grade is Out of This World!)
I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite back to school activities!  During the first few weeks of school we do not have any formal spelling words, so to get my kiddos using the word wall in our classroom, we add all of our classmates names!  We also write them in our Word Collector. We use this all year to collect great words when we are reading and spelling to use when we are writing!  We keep it in our book boxes for easy access anytime we need it!
Word Collector for Reading and Writing

It's a simple idea really, it is just a little mini writing dictionary.
For some reason my kiddos LOVE calling it their Word Collectors!
Before we start collecting our wonderful words I like to read the book:

This is a story about Max.  His brothers both have wonderful collections that they won't share with Max, so Max gets the idea to collect words.  Soon he discovers all of the great things that he can do with words.  Pretty soon his brothers are asking him to share HIS collection.
It is a great story!  The kiddos are always super excited to collect their own words after reading it!
My Word Collector is set up so it is easy for the kiddos to find their words, with plenty of space to write new words!  AND you can get it today for only $1!

Reading and Writing Words
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