Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ways to Show Numbers ~ Printables & Posters!

Hi there, it's Elyse from A is for Apples! Recently, I've had math on my brain...which is very rare for me! Last week, I wrote a big post about math strategies and making math fun!
You can read it HERE!

In that post, I talked a bit about my "Ways to Show Numbers" packs. These number packs have been lifesavers when it comes to showing numbers! This is a skill we practice early on in the school year and it can be challenging for some of the kiddos.

Last year, I made a poster to help model different ways to show numbers. I printed the blank page from the poster pack on color paper using the poster option on Adobe. I laminated the pages so we could write on them and then taped the pages together. I had the students help me model each number before they went to their seats to work independently. 
 The poster pack also includes color and black & white versions with examples of how to show numbers from 1-20. I hang these up in my math station area so students can refer to them, if needed.

 I chose to print the pages 2-per page to make them into a half sheet. This way, we could fit them in our math notebooks. You can also print them full page and then staple the pages together to make a 'ways to show numbers' booklet!

Once my students had a good grasp on this concept, this was something I put into my math stations for them to complete on their own. I love finding something they can do independently early on in the year!
Another idea I'm going to try out this year will be to print these pages and put them in a dry erase sleeve. Then they can show lots of different ways to show numbers during their math center time!
These printables can be found in my Ways to Show Numbers 1-10 pack.
I also have a set for showing numbers 11-20.

Grab these packs for only $1 each!
They'll be discounted through July 7th!

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