Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ditch the File Folders and Binderize your Teaching Files

Do you hate file cabinets as much as I do? I HATED storing things in file folders but after 3 years of teaching I didn't really know how else to keep track of my hoards growing collection of teaching resources. The pages were getting messy and folded and I'd find like 72 copies of the same activity. 

This OCD teacher just couldn't take it anymore! Not to mention the fact that when I needed to plan my apple unit I had a huge file folder to lug out and try to carry home without losing everything inside or stabbing myself with those great little plastic hanging file folder things. Seriously, can any of you relate to this? If you are sick of the crazy file folder system and want something neat, organized, and easy to use, then this post is for you!

Get ready to turn this...

Into this!
Step One: Gather/buy binders.  I use mostly 1 1/2" binders for my themes and 1-2" Binders for everything else.
Step Two: Decide if you want to do the hole punch or page protector method.  I prefer to hole punch a majority of my stuff and then use a few page protectors for those things I just don't want to punch.
Step Three: Start with a few folders at a time and get organizing! For example: Grab your "Apple" folder (because you know...every teacher has an apple folder, lol) Take everything out of the folder and sort into piles by math, reading, writing, projects, etc.  This makes it easy to see when you have 72 of the same activity and is a great time to purge some old worksheets from Mailbox circa 1980 (you know you've been holding onto some of those antiques!)
Step Four: Hole punch or put pages into page protectors.  If you hole punch, log this in as your arm workout for the day. :)  Then put them in your binder and feel free to shake it around in excitement over no more falling out crumpled papers everywhere!!

Step Five: Create or find covers for your binders.
Here's where today's deal comes in!  I have created binder covers for reading, writing, and math as well as all those themed units.  You can check out my new just uploaded this morning Teacher Binder Covers & Spines for reading, writing, and math here.  They also have editable versions for you to create your own! I will keep them on Sale for just $1 until Saturday 7/11, before they go to their regular price of $3.
If you are a thematic planner, I've also got 70 different covers & spines included in my Thematic Teacher Binder Pack that you can grab here.  They are on sale for 20% until the end of the day as part of my Shark Week Sale so grab them quick!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my love for organizing!


  1. I am in the process of doing this! The problem I have is finding the right shelves to fit the binders. The shelves I get tall enough for the binders. Where did you get your shelf?
    I also have inherited 3 full file cabinets from 2 of the kindergarten teachers who have left but may be back. I don't really want all of them. What do I do with their files?? I don't have any storage for anything either, absolutely none and my room is too small to take up space with cabinets.

    1. My shelf is one of the cheap ones from target, and I actually started just keeping the binders at home my last year of teaching because I knew I would be staying home with my daughter. The binders were so easy to transport back and forth, I loved not taking up storage in my room with them.

      For your inherited files...I am such an advocate of purging old files. I am definitely a thrower. So if you don't have to save them, I would take a quick glance through each file for things of value, but anything that seems super outdated or not useful should take a one way trip to the trash can :)