Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Game Day! (From Primary Scribbles)

In my classroom, I like to make learning fun.  I assume you do as well.  I have a hard time finding meaningful activities to practice spelling.  Kids in my room have a hard time staying focused when participating in spelling activities.  Therefore, I have started creating games for my students to play to practice our spelling pattern for the week.  So far, I have created an R-Controlled Vowel Gamepack for kids to play and practice spelling words.

This pack includes ar, er, ir, or, ur vowel pattern word cards, game boards, and pictures.  Also, I included both color and black/white version of the game boards, and word cards (I like to print black and white versions on colored cardstock).   Student directions are also included for game play.  All you will need to add for game play is a die, game markers, and a pencil/paper or whiteboard and marker.

 In my classroom, I introduce the game on Mondays after introducing the spelling pattern for the week.  Next, I make enough copies to place all of my students into small groups and practice playing the game.  This is our mini lesson (introduce and examples) and lesson (playing game in small group)  The rest of the week, I push this out to our center stations.  I will also use this in my small group meetings or RTI for those students need extra practice and teaching.

You can find this product in my store for only $1.00 for the next three days.  

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