Saturday, July 11, 2015

Brag Tags for the upcoming year

We are beyond excited to start this new blogging adventure! We are even more exited (that is REAL excited) to begin another school year August 10th! (FYI~that is Lizz's Birthday!)

We have a great deal for you.....BRAG TAGS. If you have not tried these in your classroom I suggest you do it pronto. Students love to earn them and as a teacher I love to give them because they are so very cheap to implement in your room. In fact, they are going to be ~~~ $1 ~~~ for the next three days (July 11,12,13). Now is the perfect time to get your tags printed/laminated/hole punched right before you get your new class!

In 4th graders I have seen the positive effects of using brag tags, they are definitely not 'too cool' for it. I don't know about you but I am constantly spending $$money$$ on my little nuggets; candy, pop, pencils, pens, treasure chest goodies, cuties, sidewalk chalk, recess balls, Ikea book boxes, glitter glue....seriously, the list is always growing. I love giving AR rewards, I really, truly do! wallet does not!

In our rooms we print on card stock and laminate them so they last a little longer. We do not allow our students to keep the tags~they only get to brag for a day;) Birthdays are a big deal so students get to keep their birthday brag on a take home string instead of the lanyard that we normally pass out.

              Here are some of our favorite tags                 

This year, I decided to re-print my tags.  I love laminating in the the summer because there is never, ever a line and the laminating film is (mostly) fully stocked! Our laminating room is pretty small too, so it gets a little toasty in there with both machines on and a crowd of teachers trying to do work.

I hope this July post leaves you with a few extra sunny, summer days before the hustle and bustle of the first weeks of school begins. 
Your Two Teacher Friends {Lizz}

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