Friday, July 10, 2015

ABC Poster Set! {Back to School Ready}

Hey everyone!  It's Kelsey from Aloha to Second.  I am here to share one of my favorite ocean themed classroom items and its going to be on sale for just $1!!  You can follow my blog by clicking on my button below. :]

I have an ocean themed classroom and I made these ABC posters to place in my classroom so that I could hang them on the wall for dolch words and vocabulary words.  I placed them across my windows and taped the words underneath each letter.

Here are the pictures for each letter!

A – anchor
B – bubbles
C – coral
D – dolphin
E – eel
F – fish tank
G – goldfish
H – hermit crab
I – imperator angelfish
J – jellyfish
K – Koi
L – lobster 
M - Manatee
N – Nurse Shark
O - Octopus
P – Puffer Fish
Q – Queen Conch
R – Rocks
S – Starfish
T – Turtle
U – Urchin
V – Viper Squid
W – Whale
X – X-Ray Fish
Y – Yosemite Toad
Z – Zebra Fish

I thought this might be a great back to school item to help you prepare your classroom.  You could also use these cards as sorting mats.  

So... don't just sit there!  Grab your set today while they're on sale for just $1! 

Thanks for stopping by! :] 

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