Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fact Fluency Goes...KABOOM!!

Happy June y’all!  It's the 3rd so it's your friend  Debbi from 3rd Grade Pad!

I’ve got a MILLION things on my summer “to-do” list so I’m gonna make this short & sweet!

I’m sharing some super easy, differentiating centers that you can prep this summer. 

I blogged about making these this spring when I created the multiplication set for myself.  Feedback was so awesome that I asked if anyone would be interested in………

Off to work I went, and I’ve been recreating and tweaking this series to provide for YOU:

.and soon to come Division  (hey!  There are only so many hours in a day! I’m not quite finished!  LOL)

What is Kaboom?
There are lots of ways to put this together, but basically it goes like this.

  • Program whatever you want practiced on something slender & put in a cup
  • Add a few pieces that say KABOOM!
Game Play:
--The player pulls a card, answers the fact.
--If correct, they keep it
--If incorrect, it returns to the cup
--If player pulls Kaboom, -the player has to return ALL his cards to the cup
--Player with the most cards at the end of play WINS!

So, this is the PERFECT game to play when you only have a few minutes of time to fill.  And let’s be honest.fact fluency should happen frequently!  Imagine just FIVE minutes a day of practice in your classroompractice where you NEED it (some kids may be ready for mixed practice while others are building towards that goal)

These are super simple to put together, too!

For the next three days, I’m offering THREE sets that you can prep for the summer for my $1 STEAL!
You have these to choose from

See it in my store HERE


See it in my store HERE

All of the sets come with:
  • Two versions to print for your class.  Ink-friendly and Full-Color
  • Answer keys for players to check for accuracy
  • Two color rich covers for your center prep: Small Circles for cups and gift bags & half-sheet strips for cylinder containers like Pringles snack-size or similar style.  

Need them all?

Well, I’ve listed all three of these PLUS you will get Division in the next few weeks when I get them completed in the growing BUNDLE!
You will get this bundle for HALF the price...which is already reduced!
Click HERE to see it in my store for HALF-PRICE!!
That's it for me this month friends!  Try not to work TOO much this summer!  I know that I am going to TRY!!!  Wink...Wink...  It will be hard though!

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