Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy Summer!!

Happy summer from A is for Apples!
Today's my last day with the kiddos!!! I'm super excited for summer, but I'll miss this group of kids. It was a long, tough year but we got through it!

If you're already on summer break, WOOHOO!!
If not, I have some dollar deals for you that will help you in the last few days or weeks until summer!
(And even if you're on summer, grab these deals now and save them for next year!)

Great for morning work and extra practice these last few days - all with a summer theme!!

{Click HERE or on the image below.}

Who doesn't love to write the room??!! We ran out of time, so we got to do these two write the rooms at the same time!

{Click HERE or on the image below.}

If you're still looking for a gift for those amazing classroom volunteers, grab my gift tags!
See more about these tags on my blog!

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Grab these deals now because they won't last forever!
Happy summer!!!

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