Saturday, June 13, 2015

Classroom Decor

Hey everyone! Cassie from Mrs. Thomas's Class

I am going to share with you today different decor pieces I have in my store!! 
Last year I did superheroes and had pieces from School Girl Style to use in my room. I loved the theme and the idea, but my room was TINY. I realized that with my students overly hyper activity, the bright bold colors were almost TOO much. Which led me to what direction I am going next year for my classroom -- homey feeling, soft tones, burlap, and nature. (Which is what my house is, our wedding was, and our son's nursery is turning in to), so I have a keen eye for all things rustic and burlap!!

I created these letters which I LOVE and can't wait to get them in my room! 

My intention is to print just like above and do cursive on top (or bottom) and print on bottom (or top) so my students can match cursive with print as well as have a visual that goes with the theme of the room!! 

You can find these here marked down for a $1 for 3 days! 

I also created a buggy theme for my first year teaching kinder! 
This has EVERYTHING and I love it!!! 

This is originally $6.00, but is marked down for three days for $1!!! 
Get it HERE

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