Friday, May 15, 2015

Science Interactive Notebook

Hi everyone! I'm Rachel from 2nd Grade Rock Stars.  I am super excited to be part of Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals and to bring you this fantastic dollar deal!

There are only 31 more days of school for me (I'm so jealous of those of you who are closer to the end of the school year!)and my kids were starting to get a glazed look in their eyes during science, which is so not my favorite subject.  You know that look...the glazed over, this is so boring look you get from your kids somedays.

So, I decided to try introduce interactive notebooks into my living and nonliving science unit. My kids were so excited when I brought out the different pages for them to work on. I mean, what 2nd grader doesn't like to glue and cut? The kids love to take their interactive notebooks home and color the pages. It also gives my students the chance to show off their work to their parents.

My kiddos worked hard on these pages of the Living Things Interactive Notebook.  They loved it and so did I!

My Force and Motion Interactive Notebook is also on sale for the next three days.

 Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.  Don't forget to come back tomorrow for another great dollar deal!


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