Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fiction Book Club Reading Journals {Aloha to Second}

Hey everyone!  I am back with a great dollar deal for YOU!  

This is one of my favorite products I have created.  I created it to go with my Fiction Reading Workshop Book Club unit.  However, this reading journal can be used at any time.  It covers so many Common Core standards and helps students practice various skills.  

You can find it by clicking on the image below!

This journal can also be used when comparing two different books in a series.  There are pages including compare and contrast, focusing on same topics within a series, and characters in a series.  These are great pages for students to complete independently and then discuss with partners or book club members.  

The journals are created two to a page, so when you copy them in the copy machine you can place it in and sort it with double staple.  The booklet will be stapled at the top and you can cut the pages in half to have two books!  This is a great way to save paper, and it makes the prep easy for you!

My students loved these booklets and couldn't wait to record in them each day.

Here is one page that shows when the students focused on finding topics within the book and making connections to them. 

Here is a blown up version of one of the pages when the students focus on the author's purpose.  

There are 18 different student response pages in the journal.  It is a great way to hold students accountable while reading.  

Snag this deal today - it will only be on sale for 3 days!

Thanks for stopping by. :]  If you are interested in reading more about my fiction book club reading unit, visit here!

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