Sunday, April 5, 2015

Teacher Confession: Math is NOT my Thing!

Happy Easter and Passover teacher friends!
It's Elyse from A is for Apples bringing you some math deals!

Teacher Confession: Math is not my favorite subject to teach! I'm just not a "math person." (Another teacher confession: I've sent students across the room get my phone because I needed the calculator!!) Math and I just don't mix! (Yes, even though it's just Kindergarten math!)

Math stations (or centers, as you may call them) have helped make teaching math so much better and easier!

One of the newest additions to my math stations are these magnetic ten frames! (I got them from Amazon.) We used the frames and my apple numbers to show different numbers on the frames.

These numbers have been such a lifesaver when it comes to my math stations. Any time I need numbers for an activity, I just use these! They are color coded with 5's in yellow, 10's in green, and all the rest in red. The set goes from 0-120.

We used these numbers to make number lines to work on number order. We've also practiced skip counting by looking at the pattern of the colors. At the beginning of the year, we simply used these numbers for number recognition and counting!
Click on the cover to grab it for just $1!!

Another fun activity for math stations....
Write the room just never gets old in my classroom...even during math time!
I didn't end up hanging these around the room for time sake, but the kids don't seem to mind!
This pack has 3 different sets of shape cards and matching recording pages for each.

Click on the cover to grab it for just $1!!

I've also marked down the sister pack to this activity ... 2D Shapes Write the Room!

Click on the cover to grab it for just $1!!

One of my best blogging friends Kelly from Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten agreed to join in the dollar deal fun! She has also marked down her Dinosaur Graphing and Writing pack to $1!
Click on the cover to grab it for just $1!!

I hope I've been able to make some of your math planning and teaching a bit easier! And, if you're not a "math person" just like me, it's ok!! These activities will be sure to help make your math time a bit better!
Don't forget, these dollar deals are only good for 3 days so grab them NOW!

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