Sunday, April 5, 2015

Area and Perimeter!

Hello, it is Jamie from Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher.

Can I be very honest with you? Will you promise to keep my secret? Don't tell anyone...but I hate teaching area and perimeter to third graders. I absolutely adore teaching math! But area and perimeter are my exceptions. Telling time is something we use every day. You have to be able to count money. All four operations are used all the time in our daily lives. But area and perimeter? I only use it at school. I am required to teach area and perimeter, so I knew that I needed to find ways to make it fun. Anytime I have to do something hat I don't want to, I turn it into a game!

And that is how Area and Perimeter Party game was born!

A boring area and perimeter assessment is just not my style, so of course we have to do a scoot with task cards!

Although area and perimeter will never be my favorite skill to teach, these products make the task a little more fun for me and for my students. And the great news is that for the next three days I have discounted these products to just $1 each! Just click on the product picture above to take advantage of the great deal!

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