Friday, April 3, 2015

Sunny Task Cards

Happy Spring Y’all!
It's Debbi, again...from 3rd Grade Pad.  I don’t know about you, but I am just loving the sunshine!  Even if the dreaded pollen has started!  Yikes!

Because I’m loving the SUN, I decided to use that as my inspiration for your Dollar Steal for today.  It REALLY is a good one!  I really love pulling out these cards year round for some Place Value fun!
At the beginning of the year, they were a little hard for some of my 3rdsbut great enrichment for many others!  Now that spring has SPRUNG, I’ve pulled them out again for my Station Days.

While my kidlets are working independently with these-either with place value blocks or illustrating, I can work to remediate and enrich in my small groups.  Don’t you LOVE that time of the year when your class starts running itself!

Anyway, I hope you’ll like these!  You’ll be getting two duplicate sets:  Full-Color and Ink-Friendly.  If your classroom is like MINE, black ink is all that is LEFT!  LOL!  You'll also get two answer sheets.  One is useful for the entire set, while the second is perfect for selecting 6 cards only.  Great for small groups!

Just for the fun of it, how about if I throw in a deal on one of my bundles!  Grab it while it’s at a great price!

I have recently updated this entire set to ALSO have two print options: Full-Color & Ink-Friendly. 

So, there your go!  A few options to liven up your classroom this spring!!  

Remember.these deals are good for THREE DAYS!!

See you next month!!

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