Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring into Literacy {Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden}

Hey friends!!!!!

Am I the only person counting down the days until the end of school? Today's my last day of spring break... however, it ended yesterday because I had to work at our Strawberry Festival this morning. It's always good to see kids outside of school and with their families. It makes me even more excited to know that summer is near!

With that being said, tomorrow we are going to be using EVEN more of my Spring has Sprung Math and Literacy resource during our Daily 5 word work and with our math workshops. For that reason alone, I've decided to make my dollar deal this month all about that literacy!!!

So far, my kids are LOVING the cvc and cvce puzzles. The simply match up the pictures/letters to form a word. They can record the words that they made on an optional recording sheet.

Write the room is always another favorite. We actually started calling this one WRECK the room instead. I absolutely love it since I've gotten tired of hearing the other. All of the words are spring themed. This is also GREAT to us when they are writing. My kiddos are able to roam the room any time throughout our day. They use these words during write to self and their writing workshop.

Switch 'N Fix is my favorite game that they played before spring break. They read/look at the picture. Read the word and have to figure out which letter is incorrect. On the recording sheet, they color in B, M, or E and then write the correct letter. Of course, this wasn't good enough for my kids. They asked if they could just write the entire correct word. OF COURSE.

We have word family mats to write word families. Laminate and then use with a dry erase marker OR slide into a page protector.

Also included in this set is resources to work on syllables, write on/wipe off cards for spelling practice, and digraphs.

For the next THREE days, this resource is MARKED DOWN $4. Get it for ONLY one dollar. Don't forget to pin it, share it on fb, and tell a few kindergarten or first grade teachers! Don't forget, I'm here on the 12th of EVERY month with a great dollar deal for you!

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