Monday, April 13, 2015

April TimeHop

Hey everyone! Cassie here from Mrs. Thomas's Class!

Today I am going to share with you what we were doing on this day LAST year in Kindergarten (According to TimeHop) and what we were working on the past two weeks in Third Grade!! 

Non-standard and standard measurement was a big TEK standard for Kindergarten last year, so I introduced it through a bug measurement pack which eventually led me to our bug unit that I did this time last year. The kids LOVED the bug unit. It was so much fun. (Can you tell I miss kindergarten?)
Here are some examples of what we did IN class for non-standard and standard measurement and where you can find my pack for $1 right now!

I started by introducing nonstandard measurement by using objects in our room. We even measured our classroom with our bodies and our kindergarten hallway. It was so much fun! The recording sheet comes in my pack that's available for $1 for three days!
I am currently working on a year long pack of non-standard and standard measurement pack that is just like this but with clipart for each season/month. I had a few ladies request it and it's so much fun, why not! :) 

The next thing is procedural text for third grade! We finally got to use the mini lesson pack I created and my kids had a lot of fun. I made it as hands on as I could because, well, let's face it, my kids learn by doing - as do most, right?

So let me explain each picture. 
Top two photos. They created their own procedure that they drew out of a bag. They then had to write the steps and tell the class their steps. The class had no idea what their procedure was, they had to infer based off their steps. They kids had a blast.
The bottom two pictures are whole group formative assessment with the included passages from the pack. I had them write the answers on their desk with dry erase markers. So much more fun than pencil and paper, and I can check off who understood and who didn't.
You can find this pack here: click on the picture.

Thank you all so much for checking these out! If you have any questions, comment or email me at

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