Friday, February 13, 2015

Task Cards (and their many uses) :)

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to blog in the last month on here. I had the flu and it took up a good couple two weeks of my life! But I'm back and feeling great!! I wanted to share with you how my students have really been enjoying task cards in my classroom!
We have been getting the students STAAR reading ready in my classroom and I have been trying to mix it up! 
I also will let you in on a secret, my partner and I leveled our classes and OMG what a difference it has been. It's a lot more work on us, yes, BUT these students are getting stuff on their level and able to keep up and advance at their speed. IT IS FANTASTIC. Why don't schools do this, I'll never know. (Well yes, I do. There are teachers out there who wouldn't want to be planning for double the work load) I understand, but it's amazing. 
ANYWAYS - back to task card extravaganza :) 

I laminate and cut out task cards daily and we use those in stations for word work/reading strategy work. BUT I also have been printing off task cards in black and white, shrinking if I need to, cutting them out, and then the kids glue in their composition notebooks and answer the questions. Now, I don't just use my taskcards. I use several other TPT sellers out there, but I loved the idea so much, that I am now using my own task cards to do this!!

I will make some task card bundles down for $1 for you for three days! 2/13-2/16 :) 

Here are some pictures of my task cards in action. 
This is a picture of them during stations working together to answer my Christmas task card bundle :)

This was a scoot quiz with task cards! I would play the music and they would rotate - then stop and they answer the questions. They would get about 30 seconds per questions. (This is also helping with fluency)

My lower group in the morning I placed on the board and they answered as a whole group. 

This is when I used Deb Hanson's theme task cards and they responded on white board sentence strips. 

Then their notebooks - I print off task cards in black and white and they glue to the top of the notebook, then answer the question. It has worked miracles! I love! :) 

Here is the pack I will put for $1 for you for THREE DAYS!!! I use these 

Let me know if you have any questions!!!

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