Thursday, February 12, 2015

Full of Air: Sight Word Scramble

Hey friends!

I am so ready for spring to come back! I don't know about you, but I love the warm weather, flip flops, and the BEACH! Today, I'm bringing you a dollar deal on sight words.

This is probably one of my favorite things. I LOVE sight words. Love them. If my kids know most of the words that we teach, they are better readers and have less frustration. I like to allow them various ways (as I'm sure most of you do) to practice sight words and words in general.

You will get words two to a page. Print, laminate and cut the bottom part from the top of the hot air balloon. Students will have to unscramble the words on the balloon and find the correct spelling in the basket.

Excuse the bad cutting. A parent cut these for me last year. The kids don't mind it though.

I hope you all have an AWESOME Friday for Valentine's Day. I'll be happily having a four day weekend (Mardi Gras week). The set of sight words will be on sale for the next 3 days! If you're looking for super easy, yet effective, be sure to tell a friend and grab a set for yourself.


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