Saturday, February 14, 2015

Knuffle Bunny Unit

Hi there! I just wrapped up doing this activity pack with my class this week. Mo Willems' birthday just passed and we did a huge author study on him with all his books. I love the Knuffle Bunny Series and made a few activities to go along with the three books. 

Here is what is included:

1)Story map graphic organizers for characters, setting, problem, and solution- and for sequencing story order for all three Knuffle Bunny Books. 

2)Flip Booklet graphic organizers for Beginning, Middle, and End and First, Next, Then, Last – can be used for any of the three books. 

3)Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale – sequencing cut and paste activity

4)Knuffle Bunny Too- Cause and Effect cut and paste activity

5)Knuffle Bunny Free – Predictions activity

6)Trixie’s Character Traits – 2 activities – One: Use adjectives to describe Trixie. Two: Describe how Trixie changes from the first book to the last book. 

7)Writing prompt pages – with primary and upper elementary lines. Prompts include, “My Most Favorite Thing Ever,” “My Best Friend,” “One Time I Lost….”

8)Write a letter to Knuffle Bunny – based off Knuffle Bunny Free when Trixie gives the bunny to another baby. 

9)“My Favorite Knuffle Bunny Story,” quick writing and Knuffle Bunny face craft.

10)Venn Diagram comparing Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Too and Comparing Knuffle Bunny Too with Knuffle Bunny Free – interactive flip up type template

11)Triple Venn Diagram comparing all three stories

12)Full Body Knuffle Bunny Craft with an option to write about their favorite book on the body of the bunny. 

13)Knuffle Bunny’s Adventure – take small cut outs of Knuffle Bunny and place on one of the 9 black and white scenery pictures provided. Use the background to write a story about Knuffle Bunny’s new adventure. 


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