Friday, December 12, 2014

Sound Task Cards

Hiya gals and dolls!!!

I have started making non-themed task cards. My first set is simply for sounds. This resource includes task cards for identifying initial, medial, and final sounds. I have kinders that are having the toughest time with this. Then, I have some that do not need this AT ALL. *sigh* The life of a teacher.

So, I have for you today and the next two days my newest DOLLAR deal. This is a TOTAL teacher deal and STEAL.

These are SUPER easy prep. Just print the cards and laminate. You can place the recording sheets in page protectors or the dry erase sheets to reuse. I also let my kids take a picture of their work before they are finished so I can check their work later.

Task cards are seriously the easiest practice with such low prep. They reinforce any skill that you need and this girl LOVES them.

My kindergarten Sound Task Cards will be on sale until Sunday for $1.00.

Have a GREAT weekend.

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