Thursday, December 11, 2014

Read! Think! Write! with Holiday Riddles!

Greetings of the season my friends!

It's Jennifer here from Stories and Songs in Second

I'm happy to be back today with a parody of C. Clement Moore's classic poem, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, along with a resource that will hopefully make your school days in December a little bit easier!

Know that I took a LOT of poetic license with some of the rhymes, so just bear with me!   Hopefully, 
Sr. Mary Rose Krupp--my senior high creative writing teacher--will forgive me!  Here goes.....

'Twas a month before Christmas,
when all through the school.
Not too many children
were listening,
which was really not cool.

The teachers were trying,
to make activities fun.
The kids just weren't learning!
They wanted lessons to be done. 

Then along came some riddles,
some with silly pictures and clues.
Thinking skills and highlighters were
encouraged and ready to be used!

Solving the mysteries made reading and writing,
all the more focused and oh so delighting!
Some kids worked together, some worked alone.
No one left their seats or around the room did they roam.

They used inside voices, and laughed at the jokes.
The pictures were of some pretty funny holiday folks!
They colored and drew, and wrote their own riddles too!
Then asked their neighbor to try and solve their new clues!

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As always, thank you for sharing my story!  Continue to teach your children well, hold a song in your heart, always find time for a rhyme, wish upon a star, and keep smiling!

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May your holidays be merry and bright!

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