Monday, November 3, 2014

3rd Grade Pad with a day of 3s!

Hey y'all! It's Debbi from 3rd Grade Pad again!  It's all about THREE for me! Third Grade, Third of the month,  and Three from me!

To close out fall, I have a set of Syllabication task cards that were tied to my spelling in Reading Street, but they are great rules that we need to keep coming back to review.  

I thought I'd share these with you to fill out your Word Work centers.  There are three sets that allow the students to divide words into syllables based on the VC/CV rule, the VC/V & V/CV rule, and C+le.

If this $1 DEAL is for you, be sure to click HERE to grab it while the leaves are still changing!

The truth be told, by the time Halloween has passed, I'm ready to skip right over Thanksgiving and head into winter stuff! So if you've never visited my store, you might have missed this little winter freebie! Now would be a great time to get ahead on your winter centers!

It's a super quick, small center to help with those last few facts my kids learn....6s, 7s, & 8s.  They seem to get all the others, but they get jumbled up with these!  Here is a collection of a dozen of these facts for concentrated practice.  It's super easy to put this together.

  1. Print on cardstock
  2. Put a small dot or sticker behind the correct answer....then laminate
Kids will use a clothes pin or simply pinch the correct answer and check the answer on the back! Having a prompt seems to help, at first.  You can grab this $teal by clicking HERE.

I'm sharing one of my top sellers with you, also.  When I'm teaching multiplication with my kids, I like to start front-loading the concept of Area.   
It is a logical connection.  I would suggest pulling a few task cards at a time and teach in small groups.  My high kids ZOOOOOOM through it, and it gives my other kids more time to grasp the concept before we hit it hard later on. 
In this set, students must solve:
1. Area on a grid with no labels
2. Area of a rectangle on a grid with sides labeled
3. Area of a given shape in a word problem
4. Area of a shape on a grid using the Distributive Property
5. Area of a rectangle with given length and width (using multiplication or tiling on the answer document

You can grab this $1 DEAL by clicking HERE.

That's it y'all!  You know the drill THREE DAYS to get these DEALS for your classroom.  You have until Wednesday at midnight!
See you again on December 3rd!  Feel free to let me know what you're going to need next month!

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