Sunday, November 2, 2014

Phonics Interactive Mini Books Deal!

Hello there!  Obviously you survived a Halloween Friday in your classroom if you are reading this... so congratulations!  I'm Stephany from Primary Possibilities and I am here with a "deal" for you!

My students love making little mini books at the writing center so I decided to extend this into our phonics lessons by creating mini books.  They are super easy to prep, black/white, and designed to be printed 2 sided to save paper.
They are also super easy for the kiddos to complete.  They sort the picture cards to the correct page in the book.  You can have them color them if you have time.  These are great to keep in book boxes or tucked inside interactive notebooks for extra reinforcement.

Included in this product are mini-books for short vowels, long vowels, L blends, and R Blends!  

So here is the deal...for the next two days this product is going ONLY BE A DOLLAR!  HOLLA!  So grab them up at this price while you can!

Here's to a great month of November!


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