Monday, October 6, 2014

Fallin' for Multiplication

Hello Friends!  It's Debbi from 3rd Grade Pad again!

I"m back for another round of Teacher Deals & Dollar Steals!

First off, I love to freshen up my centers and task cards by throwing in a little seasonal fun.  I love Halloween, but I'm always a little cautious about not overdoing it.  So, my first is a $1 Steal on my QR code Monster Math Multiplication.  You can take closer look in my store by clicking HERE.
I created this set for my high kids who are ready for a challenge.  I divided it up into 3 sections of 8 task cards.
1. 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication (#1-8) 
2. 3-digit by 1-digit multiplication (#9-16)
3. 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication (#17-24) 

You can assign a set based on their skill or pull the set for small group work.  I have the usual 24 slot Answer Document and also an open-ended Answer Document for 8 cards.  Just fill in the  numbers and they're good to go!

Now for my Teacher DEAL!
I just LOVE, can I say L-O-V-E, triangular shaped Fact Family Cards.  They are just so versatile. You can find this one my clicking HERE.

 You just cover one corner and you have practice with Multiplication OR Division.  I love pulling them together in clusters by 2s or 5s, too.  They are great to sequence to help learn all the multiples of a factor. SO many options!  So, to spice up the season, I put together a set of Candy Corn shaped fact family cards.  I've got a great DEAL for you, too!  You get TWO versions of the cards.  It just depends on how bright you want to go!

I've added one for DEAL for you!

I was thinking about some sweet lower elementary friends who LOVED my Multiplication Round-up flash cards and REALLY wanted an Addition/Subtraction set.  No time with school starting, I'm afraid.  But hey....I'm on FALL BREAK and decided to whip of this set for YOU!

I've switched the background for my friends who might want BOTH!  You'll be able to spot very quickly which set goes where if you are differentiating practice and them get mixed up.  Face'll happen!  LOL!  I'm giving you the same DEAL as my Multiplication Pals.  

 That's it for me this month!  You know the drill.  You have these Steals and Deals for THREE days!

Have a great Fall Y'all!

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