Sunday, September 7, 2014

Word Work Center

Hello friends! I'm Kelly from Love To Teach A-Latte and I'm so excited to be contributing to this FABULOUS collaborative blog!
It's September & we're all seriously busy, so I thought I would tell you about one of my word work centers that has been low maintenance for me this year (yay!).
It's called Scroggle!
That's my made-up word which describe what I've created. Plus it's fun to say right!?
It's a mix of Boggle & Scrabble. Students create words and add up their totals. Note: the letter values don't match to the Scrabble rules. I changed them up randomly.
Here's how I use it in my classroom...
I printed and laminated the letters. Then stapled the letters to my bulletin board in an arrangement that I liked. I had to make sure there were no Whoops! words created by accident because you know those are the ones the littles would find-Ha! So here's what mine looks like right now...
You could also attach the letters to a wall, the front of your desk, your door, or a chalkboard.
This is one of my Working with Words Choices for Daily 5 (side note I'm LOVING the Daily 5).
The kids go over to the Scroggle board and work at their level. So my higher students must create words where the letters are touching. I've also challenged those 3rd graders to create words with 4 or more letters. The kids that have a harder time spelling can hop around the Scroggle board spelling words from their word ring or the word wall.
After letting the kids complete the center I noticed some of the stronger students were finishing quickly so I created a different answer sheet where they could create more words.
I would just cut the paper below down the middle and end up with 2 sheets for students to use.

 This will also increase their total score, which I know will make them happy! You know 3rd graders and their competitive edge! Haha!
After a week or so I switch some of the letters around & it's ready to go again! Super easy & fast!
If you have younger students you could adjust this activity by making the board smaller and including patterns you're working on in class.
I also created some mini Scroggle boards that could be used at a desk or table. There are 4 versions of this in the product & this is similar to what the FREE sample looks like too. The difference is the sample has more letters. Check it out by using the link below!
If you're interested in using this in your classroom there is a FREE sample HERE  for you to download. If you like what you see, go scoop up the full version in my store.
It will be marked down to $1.00 for 3 days (9/7-9/9)!!!
Happy Teaching!

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