Saturday, September 13, 2014

Soccer Math Centers

It’s Kim from Splish Splash Ms. Lander’s Class.  I’m super excited to share some of my favorite math activities with you.  I participated in Primary Gal’s Guided Math book study this summer and had a great time planning for this school year.  I have been using math centers during my Daily 5 time. (It’s the only time it fits!)

My kiddos rotate through Daily 5 activities.  They do a hands on math activity EVERY day!  They need the practice.  Many of my kiddos don’t have much in the way of number sense.  So I need to build a lot of background.  Thank goodness I have the BEST ELL aide in my room during this time!!  Mr. S. is awesome!!  He works with small groups while I am pulling reading groups!

Here’s what we are using this week, Soccer inspired math centers!  Yep, soccer!!  My boys love the sports themes girls don’t seem to mind either!  The great news is I am marking them down to $1.00!!  There are 4 centers (6 if you count the variation of counting by 1s, 2s and 5s. Grab them fast, because I am marking them up to $4.00 on the 20th! 

Here’s a sampling.
How about a freebie? 
 I have one of those for you too!!
Have a great week!

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