Saturday, September 13, 2014

Parts of Speech Scoots and More!

Hey everyone! Cassie here from Mrs. Thomas's Class

I have been so invisible in this blogging world the last few weeks. Back to school WIPES ME OUT! Especially being in a new grade level, with a whole new curriculum, totally new schedule, etc. etc. etc. ;) I did start the new year realizing my 3rd grade babies needed some serious refresher in parts of speech, so I cooked this up real quick. *Pun intended* :) 

Included in this pack is scoots, task cards, and write the room. 

I had to introduce to my kiddos even how to play scoot, so then I also created to where they can go from seat to seat or around the room with these cards.
Everything in here has black and white AND color task cards with an answer sheet! 

I will include a sample for you HERE!!! 

This bundle will be on sale for $1 for three days HERE!

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