Friday, September 12, 2014

Kindergarten Interactive Science Notebook {Theme: Colors}

Hi friends!!! It's Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden.

It seems as if all I've been working on is Interactive Notebooks. I am in serious love people. Last time, I posted about my Five Senses notebook. Well, I've completed the third one in my series. Colors. LOVE LOVE. So I've got Five Senses, Community, and Colors.

My teacher deal for the next three days is my Colors Kindergarten Interactive Science Notebook. We started our Community notebook this week and it is going so well. I could not be ANY happier with how they are turning out. I cannot wait until we focus on Colors. I'm so excited about all the interactive notebooks that we're doing so far this year. One thing that I think that has definitely helped my kinders is the fact that we're using glue sponges instead of glue sticks or glue bottles. I only have one glue sponge container on each table and let them share it. This helps with me being able to walk the room and see who is gluing in the correct spots or not. We've made flaps too. The first day was a little shaky, but the next day we finished up the next 4 flaps and they did SO well.  These notebooks are also helping my sweet babies that need a bit more help in the fine motor department. All the cutting is really helping. If you haven't gotten on the interactive notebook train yet, you should!

Back to Colors... this resource includes the colors: brown, black, blue, green, orange, purple, pink, yellow, red, gray, and white. I've included a very simple coloring mix page where you can mix primary colors to see which secondary colors it makes. You can do this page as many times as you'd like to make as many colors as you want.

These notebooks do not have to be inside of a notebook. One of my teaching partners decided that she didn't want to use notebook and has been letting her students glue their things on construction paper. I actually really like them either way. This colors notebook will be great when you're ready to introduce and practice on color words, how colors are made, and things that are different colors. They will be able to use this pack to sort pictures by color as well.

These are marked down from regular price for three days for only ONE DOLLAR. Don't you love a good Teacher Deal and a Dollar Steal?! Check them it out and let me know if you use interactive notebooks in your class. What's a tip that you think we should know about? I could use ANY and ALL tips!

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