Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to Blow a Bubble Sequence Writing and Craft

I'm here to share with you one of my favorite bulletin board displays and writing projects: HOW TO BLOW A BUBBLE.

Kids absolutely love it because they get to CHEW BUBBLE GUM! First, I take a survey of who can blow a bubble and who can't. Then I assign one bubble blower to a group of kids to teach them as best as they can how to blow a bubble. Their job is to help the students sequence the steps it takes from the moment the gum goes in your mouth. I also model this for them by chewing my own gum and talking through the steps as I am attempting to blow the bubble.

The bubble blowers loveee teaching kids how to do this and the other kids try so hard and most of them are successful after the training! Even if they don't get it, they can still remember the steps they tried to take. 

Then, our job is to come back and remember the sequence of steps that it took to blow the bubble. We go into detail with things like about how many times we should chew the gum or until when should we chew the gum before we attempt to blow a bubble, etc. 

Here is the graphic organizer they use to break down their steps into four sections using transition words. Sorry for the lopsidedness. 

Then, we use that info to revise and edit and create our final copy. The paper below is just one version; I have three different types of lined paper in the pack - suitable to your students' needs. 
Finally, they use the girl and boy templates provides to create their person craft. They need to poke a small hole through the mouth and I insert a pink balloon through it and tape the end to the back. I just loveeeee how the display turns out!!

The poster sign for the bulletin board is also included. 

Sooooo grab this whole thing for a dollar for the next three days guys!! Click on the picture below. 

See you next month!

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