Monday, September 15, 2014

Odd and Even Robots

Hi everyone! I'm Rachel from 2nd Grade Rock Stars.  I am super excited to be part of Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals and to bring you this fantastic dollar deal!

For some strange reason, my students never remember what they have learned the previous year.  My favorite saying is..."We never learned this last year!"  I've even heard this when I looped up with my class.  It's like they go on summer vacation and totally forget everything they have learned!  SO FRUSTRATING!!  I always need to go over odd and even numbers again in September so I decided to create these games and activities.

                                         Let your students have some fun with odd and even!

 This is a bundle of 3 different robot games/activities to help your students understand the concept of odd and even.  The first game is an Odd and Even Robot Sort.  The second game is called Even and Odd Equations.  In this game, the students write equations for the numbers and then determine if the sum is even or odd.  The third game/activity is the Even/Odd Robot Poster or Book.

How cute are these robots?  My husband just did not understand how excited I was when my kids were working with the odd and even robots, or as I like to call them, my dancing robots.  Tell me that I am not the only one whose husband or significant other thinks they get crazy over simple things!!

Game 1: Odd and Even Robot Sort
Have your students cut out the numbered robots.  After they cut out the robots, they will sort the numbers into odd or even numbers.  (Sorry about the messy table, it was after snack time!)

Game 2: Even/ Odd Equations:
In this game, student write equations for the numbers and then determine if the sum is even or odd.  Students will see how an even number + an even number is always an even number, an odd number + an odd number is always an even number, and how an even number + an odd number is always an odd number.  It's so exciting to see their little light bulbs go on when they understand a concept!

Game/Activity 3: My Even/Odd Robot Poster or Book
My students loved creating their Even and Odd Robot Poster and they looked great hanging up!  Students can use the even and odd numbers and the equations they wrote from game #2 to create their own Even and Odd Robot Poster.

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The Odd and Even Robot Games usually sells for $3 but you can grab it for only $1 for the next 3 days.  After the three days, it will go back to normal price!

Before you leave, I just wanted to share a video with you that I love to use when working on odd and even with my kiddos.  Enjoy!

I'd love to know how you teach odd and even.

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  1. It's adorable!! On TPT, it shows up as $3.00. Did I miss the timeframe? :O)

  2. Sorry, it was only $1 for 3 days. You just missed it! :(