Monday, September 15, 2014

Guided Math Activities For Place Value

It didn't take long for me to realize my students truly struggled with place value and comparing numbers.  So we have been hitting that concept hard the last few weeks.  My students require tasks to be broken down and using concrete manipulatives increases their understanding of concepts.  We started off simply building numbers to the tens and then the hundreds place.
 Click the product cover to see this at my TpT store.
Click the product cover to see this in my TpT store.

Putting the charts in a sleeve protector increases the usage of the chart, plus the students could write the numbers on the chart with a vis a vis marker when they began adding "ten."

After modeling and moving past the "we do" stage, my students played a version of scoot in which stations with a card, base ten blocks and a recording sheet/whiteboard were used.  This allowed my paraprofessional and myself to give individualized feedback to each student as they completed tasks independently.  Getting up and moving was very motivating!  

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I would love to hear how you deepen your student's understanding of place value concepts!


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