Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Short Vowel Interactive Notebooks

I am so excited to share my first "STEAL" on this collaborative blog!  It's great to work with so many awesome bloggers sharing deals and steals with other teachers!  You can usually find me over at Primary Possibilities where I blog with two of my teaching friends Kathi and Stephanie.
I am loving Interactive Notebooks... of course they are all the rage right now but there is just something about looking through that notebook in May and having a year's worth of growth right there in front of you.  

We have been working with short a this last week in class.  We sorted short a pictures and pictures that weren't short a.  We glued the pictures under the flaps. 

Students make word family pockets and place groups of words inside of them.  Students can pull out sets of words and practice while they wait for others to finish or to practice as a small group.
Students write the CVC word under the tab and then create their own tabs.

Students fill in the missing letters as they sound out the words...

Students match CVC words to their short vowel picture...

Students sort real and nonsense short a words and glue them under the flaps...

I have also included an "I Can" statement for each of the activities...

I am offering up the a, u, and i version of my Short Vowel Interactive notebooks each for only $1 for the next three days! Make sure you grab them now before they jump up to $2 each!  Or, you could grab them up in the bundle now for $3 (and when I update the file with o and e you will be getting a super-awesome-mega steal... all 5 for $3!).

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  1. These look fantastic and what a steal. I am heading to my cart now. Thanks so much!

    Luv My Kinders

  2. I just brought the bundle. These look awesome. THANK YOU!!