Monday, September 1, 2014

Partners by Ramona Recommends

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I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful group of teachers. What a fun little surprise to have AMAZING products for ONLY $1.00. I wish Target would do that with different items around their store. :)

School starts tomorrow for me. As we all know building a community in your classroom is super important. Want your students engaged? Create activties that tap into their schema and you're golden! Ok, here is what I have in store for you today!

You know the look the kids give each other when you mention the word partners? Yes, that look. :) I have created the perfect tool for you to use for student engagement. We know most kids are quite handy in the texting department.  I created a texting abbreviation partner finding tool. 
 This product is perfect for building community in your classroom for back to school. In this engagement tool, you will find: 42 cards to equal 21 pairs. If you have a class over 30, you can use this too. :)

One card gives the texting short hand while the other card gives the meaning. For example: Lol = :Laugh Out Loud or IMO= In My Opinion

How I would use this in my classroom-Anytime I want my students up and moving around the classroom! I think it is important for students to talk with different kids frequently to learn different perspectives. Since many do not like when teachers pick partners, this is a spin on partner pairing!

Pass out one card to teach student. (Before handing out, make sure you have equal pairs to equal students in the class. Yes- I did make that mistake once twice. :) Have students quietly walk around the room. Then say, In Coming Text From... Find Your Partner. Students will quickly, but quietly walk around the room and find their partner. I tell my students no talking. Once they find their pair-match, they are to sit down at two desk or floor. Have students then work together on assigned task. It is easy and the kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Be sure to keep this gem up for $1.00. It will only be that magical price for the next 3 days. Have a lovely school year!!!

Do you need a list of book recommendations for your classroom? Check out my back to school blog post and my free book list links! Enjoy!

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