Friday, September 5, 2014

Reading and Writing with Colors!

Hello all!! I'm so excited to write my first post to you on Teacher Deals & Dollar Steals! I'm Elyse, but you may know me as A is for Apples (or @peaceloveapples on IG)!
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Every year when my new Kinder kiddos arrive in the classroom, I'm ready to jump right in with colors! I find that most of them can pick out the correct color crayons, but reading color words is a whole other story.

I created this fun and simple emergent reader pack to help students learn their color words while working on some fine motor skills and handwriting! Since we get all levels of students coming in, there are 5 differentiated readers to meet the needs of all your students!

{Click on the image to check it out!}

Now, since I did this book during the 2nd week of school, I was going a little cuckoo running around and helping the students, modeling what to do, all while doing some crowd control... So, needless to say, taking pictures was not on my radar! Instead, I sucked it up, got out my box of crayons, and colored some examples for you! (Who doesn't love coloring on the couch after a long day at work?!)

The 5 differentiated options are:
-tracing on handwriting lines for sentence writing
-handwriting lines for sentence writing (pictured below on blue)
-blank lines for sentences writing
-fill in the missing color word & blank lines for sentence writing (pictured below on green)
-shape boxes for letters and sentence writing (pictured below on yellow)

This is the book I used with half of my class. The rest of the class used the book with the tracing option.

There are 11 colors colors in the book!
(blue, green, yellow, brown, purple, red, black, pink, orange, gray, grey, white)

When I worked on this book with my class, we went through one page at a time! I modeled how we can use the color words on the board to match up to the color word on our page. Then, I had the students color only the hand in the correct color. After that, I modeled how to trace/write the sentence. Once we finished the entire book, I gave my students time to go back and color the rest of the pictures with the correct colors. We had to finish after our playground time, and it was a nice, quiet activity for them to work on while we cooled down! (Florida is still brutally hot!!)

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  1. HI Elyse - This looks like a great activity - but when I went to TPT it was still $2.50... did I miss the window?

    1. It's $1 now! Sorry about that! Back to school sleepiness ;)

    2. That's ok - I thought maybe I'd missed something. Thanks!