Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Howling for -Ou and -Ow

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I am so excited to share with you my -Ou and -Ow packet.  It will be on sale for $1!!  This is a great way for you to check out the layout of my vowel team packets.  These are such difficult skills for students to remember.  Therefore, I created this packet of activities to help your students memorize this vowel team.

This packet contains 3 different activities.  

The first activity consists of -Ou and -Ow words cards with sorting mats.  Students are able to read the words on the cards and place them on the appropriate mat.  This will allow them to practice reading the sound and memorize how the word is spelled.  Then, when students have finished playing this game they will complete the worksheet to go along with it so that they can practice this skill.  This also allows me to check for understanding.  

The second activity is a card game called Woof!  Students will play the card game by placing all the cards in the middle.  Then, they will take turns reading the cards from the pile.  If they can read the word correctly, they get to keep the card.  If they read it incorrectly, they must place it at the bottom of the pile.  If they pick a Woof! card then they must put all their cards back!  The person with the most cards wins!

Students love this game, and they especially love yelling Woof!

There is also a worksheet that students can complete after they finish playing the game. 

The third activity is an emergent reader.  Students are expected to read the story that contains many 
-Ou and -Ow words.  They can illustrate the book, and then they must complete the comprehension worksheet.  

I place each activity in an envelope and staple the directions to the front of it.  This way, students can pull out the center and work on these skills at any time.  

If you want to check out how I implement this center in my classroom, read my Word Work post.  It explains how I use this during our Word Work study time.  I am SO excited about this packet and the other activities I do during Word Work.  I hope you find this useful!  

Remember, grab it while it is only $1.00!!  Thank you! :]

Click on the image below to grab your copy!


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