Saturday, September 20, 2014

Apple Fun with QR Codes

Brittany here from Mrs. Banister's Kindergarten Kids.

Mrs. Banister's Kindergarten Kids

I have been so excited to share my latest creation with you.  As you may know, my school district became 1:1 with iPads this school year.  Being 1:1 has been amazing, but I'll admit, teaching little ones everything they need to know PLUS how to use technology in the process has been a tad challenging.

The kids seriously love using the iPads.  We use them all the time.

One of the simplest ways technology can be incorporated into a primary classroom is through QR codes.  QR stands for quick response, and they are SO easy for little ones to use.  

To create a QR code, simply copy the URL you wish to use.  Check into your district's filters so that your codes work. :)  After you have selected and copied the URL, simply paste it into a QR code generator.  You can Google QR code generators, but my favorite is  This creates the code and makes it into an image that you can use like any clip art or picture.

To celebrate apple week next week, I have created four products using QR codes.

The first is a ten frame counting center.  Students will scan the code, count the number of apples in the ten frame, and then record it on their recording sheet.  

Next is a sight word recognition center.  After students scan the code, they will listen to audio of sight words.  Then, they will work to correctly spell the spoken sight word.  

The next product is a letter/sound recognition activity.  Students will work through the sequence of the cards to view an image.  Then, they will identify the initial sound and write the corresponding letter on their recording sheet.  

Finally, students will scan a code to learn new information about Johnny Appleseed.  Scanning the code will take them to a video about Johnny Appleseed.

You can snatch this up for a limited time for just $1!  Enjoy!

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